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Call & Response


On December 1st, 2010, Joseph, Cohen, and I had the privilege of visiting Justin Dillon and everyone at the offices of Call & Response and handing them a significant donation of almost $12,000 - all from the proceeds of "Pages". It was great to see the pure gratitude on their faces as the vision they have and the support from us and all who we represent (all of YOU who purchased the album) collided. There was such an amazing sense of, "We can do this." Let me tell all of you, thanks to you and all the efforts to come to end human-trafficking, we CAN do this."

With the donation from "Pages", we helped to fund a recent trip to Australia where Justin was able to screen "Call & Response" in several universities in partnership with MTV Australia - great doors of influence opened. Also, Call & Response was able to get some groundwork laid for offices in Australia to help evoke change and activism there, locally.

Call + Response Call + Response Call + Response

Additionally, we've been able to fund a trip coming up with similar priorities in the UK in the beginning of 2011.

Finally, the proceeds from "Pages" has been able to entirely fund an exciting website by Call & Response. Call & Response's various websites ( for one) make it VERY easy for us, the consumer/voter, to directly put pressure on companies and other entities to make sure that products and other goods are produced without the use of slaves or trafficked individuals. A new website, "Serve & Protect" (funded entirely by "Pages"), will enable individuals to email local governing authorities with pre-written letters urging them to establish, enforce and fight human-trafficking in their cities, counties, and states. What an awesome opportunity to meet a great need!

With your help, and continued open doors, more updates to come...

Call & Response

About Call & Response

About a year ago, our church made contact with Justin Dillon – musician, 21st century abolitionist, and CALL+RESPONSE filmmaker. God really knitted our hearts together with Justin’s, and we knew that this partnership would be for big things.

“There is a sea of change happening in human rights activism. The world's issues cannot be solved alone by governments and non-profits, but require community-based participation. As a feature film, CALL+RESPONSE has the unique position of being not only a ground-breaking genre-bending film, but also serves as a deft tool in the hands of 21st Century Abolitionists. We provide activists with tactile strategic online and mobile tools to fight slavery everyday. We believe this is a fight that must that is won with passion, innovation, and commitment.”

Courage to be You

Courage to be You


The first week of December, 2010, we sent a donation to Courage to be You. Because of all the support and proceeds from "Pages", we were able to purchase all the beds for all the girls who will be housed, once rescued, at the Courage House in the greater Sacramento area. THIS IS HUGE! Because of something as seemingly insignificant as buying a CD or downloading an album online, there will be girls who will be able to be housed in a safe environment, receiving hope, healing, shelter, and care from people who care for them.

We are completely humbled by all that has happened even in the first few months since the album has released. We're believing for even bigger circles of influence to open up for this album, thus providing more resources for Courage to be You in the future.

More updates to come

About Courage to be You

Recently, there were a series of news-stories on a Sacramento news station about sex trafficking that was going on in our area. It was an eye-opener to the fact that this issue wasn’t going on in other nations and major metropolitan centers (like San Francisco), but in OUR area (and in many areas across the U.S.). Courage to be You is in the process of building a safe-house for girls rescued from sex trafficking in the Sacramento regional area. We want to help in their efforts.

“At C2BU, God has placed a passion in our hearts to rescue these children from their horrific circumstances; provide them a safe home; offer healing for their physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds; and lovingly show them that God created them ‘on purpose for a purpose.’”

Tronie Foundation

As I began my quest in this project to partner with organizations that could really use some more help in their aim to fight the issue of human trafficking around the globe, we made contact with Rani Hong (co-founder of the Tronie Foundation) and was blown away by the fact that over 90% of donations go straight to the victims they’re helping through their Homes of Freedom and other activities aimed at rescuing in human trafficking in the U.S. and in other nations such as India, Vietnam, and Fiji (to name a few). The Tronie Foundation is also key in changing foreign and domestic policies on human trafficking.

“Trong and Rani Hong, themselves survivors of childhood atrocities, established the foundation out of compassion for exploited women and children, and the desire to encourage human trafficking survivors to harbor anticipation of hope and freedom. Through the love, guidance and mentorship of others, the Tronie Foundation's founders have been able to pursue the American Dream of freedom and independence. Yet, they've chosen to personally cultivate their tragic beginnings into compassion for others for the past decade.”

Check back frequently for updates on what funds from “Pages” are helping to do for each of these organizations as well as additions to this list of justice project partners.

Tronie Foundation